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A home inspectiton is very important whether you are buying a new construction or a resale.
Home Inspection Costs

Why Get A Home Inspection?
A trained professional is best qualified to spot the many problems which can be present in a new or previously owned home. Without a home inspection, you won't know about these problems until they become serious--and probably very expensive. Even if you have no reason to suspect a problem exists, a home inspection is a worthwhile investment.

A Home Inspector Should...
A good home inspector will examine your entire house, from basement to roof. They will inspect all systems, including plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical systems. They will check the insulation and the visible structure, as well as the foundation and all doors and windows -- and that's what we do!

If possible, plan to accompany the inspector as he or she examines your house. This way, you will learn more from the inspection. Plus you can usually pick up good maintenance tips.

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If repairs are required, your inspector can advise you on the best way to make them and give an idea of the approximate cost for the work.

An Inspector Should Never...
A reputable inspector will never offer to make any repairs for you or push you to use any particular contractor. To do so could be a conflict of interest. An Inspector should not tell you whether or not you should buy a house or evaluate the asking price, since this is outside their area of expertise.





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